Bill Gates’ New Job

If you haven’t seen, Bill Gates just announced that by 2008, he’s stepping down from day-to-day involvement at Microsoft to work full-time at his charity, focusing on world health, poverty and other issues.

I say Bravo Bill.

Whatever I may think of the actions of Microsoft over the last three decades, I applaud Bill for focusing both his money and his time on trying to make the world a better place, and for doing it while he’s still young enough (50), to really get involved and make a (hopefully) long lasting, positive impact.

If Bill can apply the same level of intellect, energy, and financial resources that he did at MS against some of the relatively intractable problems of the world, I suspect he will make more of a difference than a thousand government bureacrats.

3 Responses to “Bill Gates’ New Job”

  1. Clay Says:

    Maybe he’ll run for president?? Just a random thought…

  2. alex Says:

    Not a thousand government bureaucrats but millions. Good for Bill.

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