Beta Update

If you’re in the Banana Bay beta program (and have gotten a user id and password previously), there is a new version out today. Download it from the same location, with the same user id and password as last time.

At this point, MOST of the people who asked to be in the beta program have been invited to test the game, but not quite everyone (a few potential competitors I’m leery of including, at least until the game is closer to shipping, and a few unlucky folks I just haven’t gotten to yet).

But the point is, I’m running low on fresh beta testers (those who can look at the game with fresh eyes), so drop me a line at psteinmeyer A T newcrayon D 0 T com if you’re interested in beta testing. Please indicate if you work in the software/games industry in some capacity (again, it doesn’t rule you out, but may affect the timing of when you get to see the beta.)

And many thanks to the beta testers who’ve already sent feedback. The game is better because of it – most of the changes in the last couple weeks are the result of beta feedback.

2 Responses to “Beta Update”

  1. Humbaba Says:

    I would, but I’m on a Mac. :)

  2. Marco Says:

    I sent you an e-mail.

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