Casual Game Post-Mortem/Design Doc (Congo Cube)

John Romero posted some interesting stuff about a casual game his old company (MonkeyStone) made about three years ago – Congo Cube.

Congo Cube Post-Mortem
Congo Cube Design Doc
Congo Cube Playable Demo/Purchase Page (on Real)

I really like the music and the art style of the game. It definitely feels a bit dated, but that’s to be expected. The gameplay is innovative, but not quite there, IMO (a bit simple/repetitive, but then again, that was more typical 3 years ago). Still, it’s cool to be able to see a bit into someone else’s development process.

BTW, I do not do detailed design docs for my casual games. I just start coding and have a rolling to-do list…

One Response to “Casual Game Post-Mortem/Design Doc (Congo Cube)”

  1. Bret D. Measor Says:

    Thanks for posting this GDD for a Casual Game.

    Its a very clean and simple design layout, and its straight to the point.

    Right now my first GDD, is Organized Chaos…. Time to get back to the Chaos.

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