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Some interesting sites:

Casual Review – New reviews every couple of days of various casual games. The reviews are noticeably better than your typical user reviews posted on portals. Also note that Gamezebo continues to publish casual game reviews, news. etc. If anyone knows of other non-blog sites operating at a professional, or near professional level, that are focused on casual game news, reviews, etc, and are NOT part of a portal (i.e. selling the games), please let me know.

James Smith of Reflexive has updated his excellent Game Sales Chart site with a whole list of different presentations of top 5-10 sites processed in different ways. I especially like the ‘World Map‘, which presents 17 different ‘top’ lists in a way such that you can quickly see how a given game is doing on any/all of them (just mouse hover at different spots on the grid).

I’ve been interested in so-called ‘serious games’ for a while (games used for educational, social policy or other purposes). There’s an interesting new one in beta (sign up here) about the daily life and struggles of a family in Haiti. Attractive presentation of a difficult subject.

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  1. Brian Robbins Says:

    Well since you asked we just got my wife’s casual game review site soft-launched over the weekend ( Ironically there aren’t any reviews there quite yet :). Now that we have the site framework pretty much in place she’ll be posting reviews as regularly as she can.

    We are selling games via a Reflexive affiliate so while it looks like that’s the main focus right now over time it will be shifting to providing good quality game reviews.

  2. Game Tycoon»Blog Archive » Articles of Interest Says:

    […] Via Phil Steinmeyer, a great set of dynamic charts displaying the most popular casual games, most successful casual game developers, etc. […]

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