Ayiti – The Cost of Life

In my last post I mentioned an interesting serious game in beta. It’s now been released. Ayiti – The Cost of Life is a game where you try to shepherd your poor family in Haiti through the many problems they face. A light graphical touch softens a tough topic – give it a look if the subject interests you.

On a lighter note, this game shows that even dirt-simple graphics and mechanics can be amusing. It takes about 10 seconds to learn and you’ll probably be done with it in 10 minutes or less, but it’s fun. (My record is 9.1 seconds)

Finally, check out Funny Farm. A simple word game/trivia puzzle – type in words to expand the grid. For example – cow connects to ‘On the farm’ and cowboy connects to cow. Post your save game link here and you can merge it with others working on the puzzle (it’s a BIG puzzle – you’ll want to work with others…)

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  1. David L. Says:

    Is there a method to the clues? Or is it just a random word that happens to have something in common with its connectors.

  2. Phil Steinmeyer Says:

    (Re: the last game – the word game)

    Each word is connected somehow to those connected to it by lines. Sometimes they’re on the same theme (chicken works for ‘On the farm’). Sometimes, one word appears in a short 2-4 word phrase at the next link, even if that phrase isn’t particularly linked subject-wise to the other item.

    The further you get out on the ‘web’, the more varied the subjects…

    Basically, you just have to keep trying things :)

    When you press ‘Save’, it will give you a link which embeds your saved state info. If you’d like, post that link here, and others can pick up from the point where you’re stuck. There’s even a mechanism to merge two ‘saves’ created like this…

  3. Trin Says:

    I believe (from my very limited few minutes with it) that the dots in the unknown boxes represent letters in the words intended. So, some slight help in guessing what belongs.

    A record of my few minutes is here: http://tinyurl.com/yzh8yj (the given URL is painfully long…)

  4. David L. Says:

    To Trin,

    I added what I knew to your game….Now you are the same place as me. Of course I lost my game when I went to yours. :-)

  5. David L. Says:

    Here is the save game link

  6. Phil Steinmeyer Says:

    A bit more


  7. Humbaba Says:

    My first try on that simple blocks game was 16.3 seconds… I shudder to imagine how long the high score would be.

  8. Trin Says:

    Added a few more to phil’s

  9. Scott Says:

    Well, you’ve got a whole little IRC group addicted to Funny Farm at this point.

    We’ve got 23 of the minimaps uncovered (not finished completely, just uncovered).

    If you need to take a peek (save your game first as a bookmark):

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