Ticket To Ride Updated

For a bit over a year, I’ve been addicted to the online version of Ticket To Ride (from Days of Wonder), which was originally a popular railroad board game, but has a free online version as well.

While you can play the web version for free, you get certain additional perks by buying a 1 year ‘web card’ for ~$20, and also by buying the CD-ROM version (also ~$20, though they sent me one free last year as an early purchaser of a web card).

Anyways, they’ve just updated the CD-ROM version to include several new variants, based on their board game expansion pack ‘USA 1910′. If by chance you have the CD-ROM version of the game, you can now download the updates, and even if you’re only playing the web version, you can play the new variants, if someone with the CD-ROM version starts a 1910 game.

And, for the ~95% of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I strongly encourage you to try the game – again, it’s free to try. I’ve possibly spent more time playing this game in the last year than any other computer game I’ve played, including Civilization and SimCity.

5 Responses to “Ticket To Ride Updated”

  1. David L. Says:

    Have you played Railroads yet? The demo is out.

  2. Phil Steinmeyer Says:

    No – I’ll probably play it at some point, but I’m kinda burned out on the mechanic :) I haven’t fired up RT2 or RT3 in quite some time, either.

    (Yes, I know they changed lots of stuff, not the same game, etc…)

  3. David L. Says:

    I was getting ready to reload RT3 on my computer when it was released. It came out sooner than I expected. I also enjoyed Locomotion (I feel alone in this category) except for the harder levels. The have too many competitors and it just gets crazy crowded. The AI creates some really bizarre railways and loves to stack things vertically.

    On the topic, have you ever played the Avalon Hill game Rail Baron?

  4. Phil Steinmeyer Says:

    I did not like Locomotion. Then again, I never really got into Transport Tycoon.

    I haven’t played Rail Baron. My list of railroad games played (and enjoyed), include:

    The Railroad Tycoon series (of course)
    1830 (both the board game and the SimTex PC version), plus a bit of the German variant of 1830,
    Ticket To Ride (PC on-line only).
    Rails Across America (little noticed, but very fun PC game from about 4 years ago)

  5. Matthias Says:

    tiket2ride is really a great game! simple yet full of strategy & addicting! I whish there where more games like this out on the net…

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