Fun Physics Game

Very simple game here. See if you can beat 27.314 seconds…

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  1. dave Says:

    29 seconds!

  2. Jesse Chounard Says:

    Took me a few tries but I just to 31.439. Pretty fun little diversion. :)

  3. Phil Steinmeyer Says:

    I just got 34.677…

  4. Duck Hunter Says:

    28.131 but it took a while to get it. thanks for the link.

  5. Trin Says:

    Can’t seem to do better than my best, 33.179

  6. Galant Says:

    36.369, thanks for the link Trin. :)

  7. Galant Says:

    I wonder, do we all use the same strategy or do we vary?

    I began by trying to keep the ball bouncing vertically in the centre, which still seems like the best idea, but my last few tries, which resulted in my HS, I realised that if I couldn’t keep the balls together in the middle then i had to keep both balls together (above/below one another) on the same side of the screen – as far as possible.

  8. William Willing Says:

    What a marvelous little game! Thanks for the link.

    My personal best time: 37.778.

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  10. Bernard Says:

    Very funny game. I take quite a few tries to reach 10s !

  11. Humbaba Says:

    [removed by Phil – see DiceWars comments for explanation]

    a multiplayer version of DiceWars.

  12. Humbaba Says:

    Sorry, I didn’t see the link to kdice in the dicewars thread, nor your response.

  13. Didier Says:

    LoL Best time: 14 seconds :-(

  14. andrew Says:

    greate game!

  15. Edward Says:

    27 seconds too – you re noobs, guys :)

  16. Jason Says:

    Thank you,
    I was looking for a simple game that dealt with higer oreder thinking skills and you gave it to me, 30.417 btw

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