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I admit I’m a bit of a sucker for online conversations. For a while, I posted my own thoughts with some regularity here. I still post regularly on a couple of forums, and I occasionally will comment on other people’s blogs.

That said, some time ago I disabled comments on this blog. Why? The blog was getting flooded with spam. Little if any of it showed up on the site, but I was getting hammered with e-mail notifications of new (95%+ spam) comments coming in, and didn’t want to waste time sorting the legitimate comments from the “Free ringtones!” offers (and many that were far less tame).

Despite a lot of filtering and deleting since I started this blog, I’m showing 8113 comments for this blog awaiting moderation. Since I think I shut off all ways that real live human beings would enter comments, I think these are all spam that the bots are trying to submit via some method I don’t have figured out. That’s 8113 comments from 12/3/2007 through 7/1/2008. Yowza.

Yeah, I know there are programs that can help with the filtering, and I used to use one, but it didn’t work very well, and I’m not motivated enough to find a better solution. So, no comments for the time being. (You can still send me e-mails via the spam-resistant address shown on the ‘About’ page).

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