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Catching up on other blogs a bit. Some of these links are a bit old, but still interesting (to me, anyways):

Greg Costikyan has a great post on his experiences presenting at a venture capital conference. I haven’t attended a VC conference, but parts of his post accurately echo my experiences at various game-oriented conferences.

He also writes a bit about another VC’s comments on the casual game industry.

Besides this blog, I run (through New Crayon Games) the site, which aggregates content (feeds) from a bunch of casual game type blogs. I did some updating of that site recently, and added Bret on Social Games. I suppose it’s not a perfect fit, because, as I understand things, “Social Games” are a bit different from casual games, with the former primarily run through social networking sites like Facebook. I’m way behind the times on these social sites (I don’t even have a MySpace page – the SHAME!!!), but probably need to bone up a bit on this stuff. Bret’s site may be helpful for this.

AOL appears to be making efforts to improve its casual games site ( The community manager, Laurent Courtines, had asked me to add the blog for this site to I declined – is a bit too commercialized for what I want for CGB, but it’s still an interesting read, with a loto of top X lists of various kinds for

Finally, while this site has been around for a while (originally under a slightly different name), for those who haven’t found it, is a great way to see which games are on top now, and what has fared well historically.

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