Bits and Pieces

I enjoyed reading Steven Gabriel’s blog, which documents his efforts to develop a couple of simple puzzle games – a Lumines-clone done with SDL (which is what I used for Bonnie’s Bookstore), and a Tetris-y variant done in Flash (playable in-browser here). Neither of the games is that great – they were clearly learning exercises for him, but his accounts of developing them are interesting.

Game Producer has printed a second excellent post with sales and production details for a casual game – this time the JewelQuest-like Match-3 game Christmas Bonus.

Here’s a nice Bonnie’s Bookstore review – it’s the longest review I’ve seen on-line so far, and, thankfully, is very positive about the game. Besides that, I’ve seen one nice print review (from a syndicated newspaper columnist), and I believe that print reviews are forthcoming in PC Gamer, CGW, and Wired. Still, casual games do not get reviewed to anywhere near the extent that traditional games get reviewed.

On the other hand, many of the casual games web sites allow user reviews, and there are a fair number of these up. has many of them here. The downside is that the reviews can be, uh, less than thorough.

A good user review (in full):
His GaMe roCKs

and a bad one (in full):
ýt is a bad game [sic]

I’m not making these up – click on the link for more – although many of the others are significantly better than those two.

3 Responses to “Bits and Pieces”

  1. Dejan Grujic Says:

    link to Game Producer post is not good.

    It’s http:///

  2. Phil Steinmeyer Says:

    Thanks – fixed.

  3. Game Producer Says:

    And now there’s a third one:

    Not sure if it’s excellent or not, but it’s there ;)

    Thanks for noting this in your blog. I appreciate that.

    And I (we :) really must thank also the developers/publishers who provided these figures. Indiepath, cliffski, grey alien games, Blue Tea Games… and more to come.

    Good Luck with Bonnie’s Bookstore – I liked the way you tested different graphics in it.

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