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Fun Physics Game

Friday, December 15th, 2006

Very simple game here. See if you can beat 27.314 seconds…

A Flash Mini-Game

Monday, December 11th, 2006

I took some time the week before last to play around with Flash some more. Specifically, I ported one of the mini-games from Banana Bay to Flash, to be played in a browser.

You can try the result here:

Banana Bay Mini-Game

Banana Bay – Mini Game

While it’s probably on par with a lot of other simple Flash games out there, I’m not entirely thrilled with the results. I was porting relevant sections of my C/C++ codebase into Flash, but some paradigms didn’t translate well (graphical effects mostly). While I went out of my way to implement a few things in alternate ways, overall, I simplified the graphics and sound, and cut out the music, so the resulting mini-game feels a little flat to me. Note that this is NOT the main Banana Bay game, but rather, one of the 7 mini-games that I implemented in Flash.

Overall, it took me about 25-30 hours to take it to Flash, but I probably over-engineered the framework, and my Flash knowledge starting out was pretty limited. On the other hand, I was taking an existing game (mostly) and existing artwork, so I economized on actual design time.